Create your own cross toolchain for 64-bit & 32-bit ARM Machines

In many of my previous blogs/posts i have used a few cross tools to compile Linux kernel as well as many packages for ARM based platforms. I have used only pre compiled cross toolchains provided by either CodeSourcery or linaro to achieve that. Officially too, i follow the same principle as in many ways this is… Continue reading Create your own cross toolchain for 64-bit & 32-bit ARM Machines


Future of Networking – IPv6

Internet Protocol is the principal communications protocol in the Internet protocol suite for transferring data across networks. Routing function enables inter-networking, and essentially establishes the Internet. Internet protocol version 4 in short IPv4 is most predominant protocol in the internet. IPv6 is an evolution of IPv4 and latest version of internet protocol. As with all… Continue reading Future of Networking – IPv6