Fun Facts — Easter Eggs in Linux

As much as we use/love to use Linux for doing our work there are a lot of cool/funny things which Linux can do. Particularly, I want to share the two Easter eggs which i like and am using currently on my machines.

What if Linux throws a tantrum or insults you when you give sudo password wrongly, this has happened a million times in my day-to-day use and never going to change. What if a train runs across your screen when you make a typo while typing ls wrongly as sl.

Just sit back and smile.

Insult First … 

To get the insults from the machine edit the sudeors files as below:

kasi@Vostro ~ $ sudo visudo
[sudo] password for kasi:

For the above sudo command you should give your password correctly :). In the opened file just add the below line:

Defaults insults

Save the file and then exit. You can add this at the top of the file or anywhere you want.

Now try to do something which you normally do using sudo command. Before doing that lets clear the cache of the recently typed password using “sudo -k” command.

I normally do a WLAN or Bluetooth scan or set/get ip address using sudo command. Below is the sample of insults which i got for typing the passwords wrongly.

kasi@Vostro ~ $ sudo ifconfig
[sudo] password for kasi:
There must be cure for it!
[sudo] password for kasi:
You gotta go owwwww!
[sudo] password for kasi:
sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts
kasi@Vostro ~ $

There are a lot more insults coming your way, help yourself with that.

Lets run a Train across a 1080p screen

If you are using command line to do your work in Linux, ls is the command which we use more often. In fact i still remember when i used a mandrake Linux, my first Linux installation 14 years ago ls is the first command which i typed on a terminal. No matter how much we get used to the command line sometimes we make a typo.

Lets check out the funny side of typing ls command as sl. For this we need to install the sl package. A simple apt install does the job.

kasi@Vostro ~ $ sudo apt install sl

Now take a ride in the old locomotive with smoke up the top whenever you type ls command as sl. Am pretty much sure this typo is more common.


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